Your journey at Britt4Fit begins with a complimentary, introductory assessment, during which we will discuss your health and fitness goals and establish your fitness baseline. In your assessment, you will learn about how your body moves and imbalances you have through different exercises and stretches. From there, we will use this information to create a program that is individual and tailored specifically to your body’s functional fitness abilities. Whether you prefer in person or via Zoom, the live interaction with a Functional Movement Personal Trainer will push you to where you want and need to go!


(55 minutes)

Each full session includes a program that is individually tailored to you and your health and fitness goals. Every session will use different exercise tools (free weights, stretch bands, etc.) to help you achieve more flexibility, better balance, and greater strength. 

Whether it is for personal development or you are recovering from an injury, your program is built with progressive improvement in mind, so you will continue to feel confident performing your everyday functional activities.

As is with any routine, long-term consistency is a key to success. Therefore, we recognize a greater commitment with a greater reward.

Package Plans

1 Session


5 Sessions



10 Sessions



20 Sessions



50 Sessions



*Partner package plans also available starting at $200/session


(25 minutes)

Our half sessions take the same approach and utilize the same tools as our full sessions, but provide additional flexibility with your time and/or finances to help you achieve your goals.

During your introductory assessment, we will identify your primary health and fitness goal and make sure it is a focus of every session. Then, as you progress and your goals evolve, so will your sessions.

Package PlanS

1 Session


5 Sessions



10 Sessions



20 Sessions



*Partner package plans also available starting at $125/session

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