Brittany has been helping me achieve my goals on toning and increasing muscle strength. I have struggled with Fibromayalgia and muscle weakness for several years. With her help, I have learned several techniques and my strength has doubled. She has given me the tools to grow, such as diet and training regimes. It is refreshing to have someone who cares about my health as an individual and has extensive knowledge in this field. I am grateful to have her as a personal trainer.

Denise Ausburn

PRosper, TX

As a stroke survivor, I needed someone to help me regain my balance, stamina, and, ultimately, my confidence. In a mere two months, under Brittany’s guidance, I have accomplished more than I ever thought possible. Now I have the desire to keep pushing forward to be better than I was before the strokes and am doing that with Brittany’s help. She has the extensive knowledge, professionalism, and commitment to ensure my success while making it fun, yet challenging. I think Brittany is an example of the standard by which all trainers should be measured. I can’t praise her enough for what she has done for me. I am now stronger with more stamina and balance than I had when I was 30 years younger.

Jane Arrington

Dallas, TX